Reclosable blow-out flap of the SB series

Reclosable blow-out flaps: an alternative to disposable rupture discs

Reclosable blow-out flaps are not a contradiction in terms, but robust, reliable and maintenance-free venting devices optimized for the everyday operation of technical installations, which protect containers and industrial facilities against damage in the event of an explosion.


Normal pressure fluctuations in the operational process lead to a slight raising of the flap cover allowing the overpressure to escape. While conventional rupture discs are destroyed each time they open, blow-out flaps are easily reclosable and the dust-proof sealing is restored.


Only a strong explosion will cause deformations that make it necessary to replace the device.


Cost and downtime are reduced, as is the impact on the environment.


Our blow-out flaps are patented and certified according to Directive 2014/34/EU and EN 14797:2006.

The main advantages of the SB series

  • dust-proof sealing
  • reclosable after opening caused by process-related pressure fluctuations
  • no need to store spare parts
  • easy installation, no additional mounting frame or holder needed
  • robust and long-lasting
  • maintenance-free
  • easy retrofit in existing installations

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blow-out flap special version

Special versions for different applications and industries

  • Our blow-out flaps can be optimized to suit different applications and uses.
  • static opening pressure adjustable from 0.01 to 0.2 barg
  • very low opening pressure: an ideal option for venting large silos or unpressurized mechanical conveying systems such as elevators and chain conveyors,
  • can also be used to vent enclosed spaces or buildings
  • resistant to positive and negative pressure loads and to alternating pressures: an interesting solution for filter manufacturers and for all types of pneumatic materials handling systems
  • various standard sizes, customized sizes on request
  • Customized versions in different materials (e.g. for the food industry)
  • walk-on version (see below)
  • temperature insulation available, sound insulation on request
  • gas-tight version available
  • forms part of the scubex® exchangeable venting cassette
rapid mounting system

Rapid-mounting frames for time-saving assembly and retrofit

The innovative mounting frames developed by rexotec enable the fast and easy replacement of outdated pressure venting devices with blow-out flaps because there is no need for exactly sized wall openings or new fixing holes. The blow-out flaps are mounted into customized mounting frames, which in turn are 'clamped in place' within the existing wall openings and fixed with bolts (a practical application is shown at Completed Projects).


Plant owners benefit from shorter assembly times, which are reduced by 50% on average (compared to commonly used upgrading methods).


However, the system can also help to reduce efforts and costs in new projects. Designing and building a silo, for instance, becomes much easier because no built-in frames are required for mounting the blow-out flaps.

walk-on sandwich version

Walkable blow-out flap

For special requirements, we offer a walk-on sandwich version of the blow-out flap, which is safe to support even "heavyweights".


It allows you to save space, e.g. on silo roofs. Inspection and maintenance jobs can be safely carried out without taking costly and time-consuming safety precautions, installing working platforms etc.


Please have a look at our Completed Projects page.

Vertical explosion venting

Vertical explosion venting with the blow-out flap adapter

In combination with the blow-out flap, the adapter makes sure that the pressure wave is discharged upwards. This can be particularly relevant in locations where horizontal venting would cause safety hazards due to lack of space.


The adapter can be mounted, for example, to buildings or filters (see picture).


We can supply adapters for all standard-size blow-out flaps.

Technical data

We will be glad to help you plan and design the appropriate explosion protection solution for your plant and determine the devices that best suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your options and receive a non-binding offer—our competence and cost-efficiency will convince you.


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