Innovation is our lifeblood, we find it exciting to develop technically and economically viable solutions to problems where no off-the-shelf provisions are available. We love to think outside the box and work with competent people from other industries. Blending expertise and perspective increases the chance to find new and better ways of dealing with a challenging situation.


Here are a few examples of such projects:

Venting domes for a manufacturing plant:

trustworthy performance and quality


A major company was looking for a venting solution to protect their projected manufacturing facility against the impacts of potential gas explosions. The pressure was to be released upwards, but the roof did not provide sufficient space for the required vent area.


Since no satisfactory solution was found on the market, rexotec designed several hexagonal cylindrical 'venting domes' with vertically mounted blow-out flaps on each side specifically for this purpose. This approach made it possible to accommodate a much larger vent area on the limited surface of the roof.

Design and FEM evidence

Design and FEM evidence


FEM modelling was used in the design of the domes and the effectiveness of the solution was later confirmed through simulation studies performed by a renowned German research institute.


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manufacturing and installation

Manufacturing and installation


Our excellent manufacturing and installation quality is based on close coordination with clients and permanent monitoring of all stages of the work progress. This helps avoid mistakes, which, particularly in major projects, can lead to delays and significant costs later.

Delivery and acceptance

Delivery and acceptance


Thanks to our excellent logistics service, all venting domes arrived at the building site in time, preassembled and ready to be cast into the reinforced concrete ceiling.

Of course we provide detailed documentation.

Further benefits of the venting domes

Further benefits of the venting domes


  • leak- and weatherproof sealing
  • venting efficiency not affected by snow loads
  • sound and temperature isolation on request


The venting domes represent an economically attractive option for many types of industrial installations, as they can be tailored to individual needs.

Silo retrofits and upgrades

We upgrade existing silos or silo installations for explosive materials, converting them into future-proof storage facilities which meet statutory requirements.


Following a general review of the present condition and risk assessment, we also check currently installed accessories such as discharge systems, filtration equipment or level indicators, as required, and develop a comprehensive concept for the upgrade (including cost estimation, detailed task and time schedule, installation by qualified personnel).

Silo upgrade and retrofit

Silo upgrade and retrofit with walk-on blow-out flaps


Several silos in a kaolin plant were retrofitted with walk-on venting panels on the roofs to comply with current ATEX regulations. After a thorough analysis of the initial situation and calculating potential solutions, the vents were eventually fitted into custom-designed roof structures and installed on top of the silos.

Silo upgrade before
Silo upgrade after



Silo upgrade roof module

Safe upwards venting: the silo roof consisting of several elements tightly bolted together, with built-in blow-out flaps, has proved its worth in almost ten years. It is customized for each application and equipped with walk-on blow-out flaps.


Due to the integrated blow-out flaps, a silo strength up to pred = 1.5 barg can be achieved.

mounting frames
Silo upgrade ready

Rapid silo upgrade with blow-out flaps in mounting frames


In less than two days, our team replaced 18 inappropriate rupture discs at a reinforced concrete silo with rexotec blow-out flaps.


The trick: our pioneering, custom-built rapid-mounting frames, which enable stunningly short assembly times on-site. They were inserted into the existing wall openings - without previously drilled fixing holes!


Of course, the smooth execution of these upgrading works would not have been possible without the meticulous preparatory work done by our experienced staff, including the provision of accurately sized parts.

Explosion diverter

stainless steel Explosion diverter

A stainless steel explosion diverter with integrated blow-out flaps was designed for a client in Thailand.


We see ourselves as problem solvers. Contact us if you are in doubt whether the usually proposed explosion protection measures are the right choice for your business. We help you analyze your specific challenges and find alternatives that are safe, practical and affordable. We've shown we can.


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