Flameless explosion venting acc. to DIN EN 16009:2011

Flameless explosion venting
  • for organic and metallic dusts
  • tested with purest (99.5%) aluminium dust

scubex® - flameless explosion venting, especially for metallic dusts

The patented scubex® series is fundamentally different from other flameless explosion venting devices: designed according to a pioneering concept, the protective system raises the benchmark in terms of safety, handling, flexible plant design, sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Due to its modular design and compact dimensions, the system can be adjusted to meet individual requirements, no matter if a facility needs upgrading or is in the planning stage.

The devices are tested according to EN 16009:2011 and certified in compliance with Directive 2014/34/EU for organic dusts of the dust explosion class St2 and all metallic dusts class St1. The use of 99,5% aluminium dust in the approval tests guarantees reliable protection even if highly explosive metal dusts are involved (see video). The housing easily resists pressures up to 2 barg: scubex® - performance you can count on!


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Information about the video:

We used the purest available aluminium dust (99.5%) in the EC Type Examination for the scubex® No. 4.1. The video shows the enormous violence of the explosion in an unprotected vessel, providing convincing evidence of the protective efficacy of our flameless explosion venting system.

Low surface and exit gas temperatures increase safety

Unprecedented temperatures of below 50°C on the surface of the device and below 100°C of the exit gas were measured immediately after the explosion—exceeding by far the safety requirements defined by the relevant standard, which, in this respect, is insufficient.

The strong cooling effect is produced by our in-house developed Energy Absorber in combination with the flow-optimized design of the insulating housing.

The above-mentioned temperatures were measured and documented during the EC Type Examination tests with non-metallic ST2 dust.

This means:

temperature increase saftey

Infrared image: 

max. exit gas temperature during testing

50 °C

35 °C

18 °C

11,4 °C

Continued protection in case of subsequent explosions

All tests with various dusts have shown that flame emission is safely prevented even in the event of a subsequent explosion - another additional safety feature exceeding the demands of the relevant standard.

During the EC Type Examination procedures, up to four successive explosion tests were carried out successfully with one device - without dismounting or cleaning the sample between the tests. Unlike the rigid mesh filters used in other flameless venting systems, the elastic metal structures inside the scubex® are not significantly clogged with dust and combustion residues. Therefore the protective function is maintained after an explosion. 

Reusable, easily exchangeable blow-out flap

Due to its unique properties, the scubex® can be reused up to three times, depending on the dust material and power of the explosion.

Only the blow-out flap must be replaced after an event - there is no need to dismount the entire device. The flap is mounted inside a cassette, which is easily accessible and can be pulled out after removing a few bolts.

  • No special tools are required.
  • Little physical effort is needed.
  • minimum plant shutdown
  • low cost

If the frame is not seriously damaged after an activation caused by a minor pressure increase, the blow-out flap can be simply reclosed and then continue to be used.

blow-out flap replaceing
filter replacing

scubex® cool+clean – exchangeable filters for defined cleanliness

If you have special requirements for cleanliness or want to minimize downtime, the scubex®cool+clean with additional heat-resistant particulate filters class ePM2,550 % is the ideal option (fine dust filters are available on request; classification acc. to ISO 16890). 

These filters retain the dust particles released during an explosion almost completely and improve the protective and cooling efficacy.

The required safety distance is further reduced.

The filter elements, too, are easily replaceable.

Simple. Flexible. Sustainable. Economical

The scubex® system stands out for simple and fast installation, requires little cleaning and maintenance and is designed for easy and time-efficient repair and replacement of components.

It adapts to your specific requirements and offers special solutions such as:

The reusability of nearly all scubex® components reduces waste, and high-performance particle filters ensure clean exhaust air – thus contributing to achieving the urgently needed sustainability goals which have increasingly been demanded and promoted in recent years.

Last not least, the saving in resources, space (for the device itself and spare parts) and time also pays off economically, making the scubex® system a very cost-efficient option for flameless explosion venting in the medium term.

We are proud of having developed a superior system for flameless explosion venting that actually redefines the state of the art: the scubex® series exceeds the safety requirements stipulated in the EN 16009 standard in more than one respect.

The scubex® system sets standards, even in the automotive industry!

We will be glad to help you plan and design the appropriate explosion protection solution for your plant and determine the devices that best suit your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your options and receive a non-binding offer—our competence and cost-efficiency will convince you.


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