Since it was established in 2009, rexotec AG has built an excellent reputation as a specialist provider of reliable, innovative explosion protection solutions for both industrial plants and trade businesses.

One of our top priorities is to develop future-oriented protective systems for applications handling highly explosive metal dust such as aluminium:

Our scubex® system is one of the few devices approved for use in the automotive industry. 

Our fully equipped testing facility allows us to carry out multiple tests and measurements, which help us to validate computation such as flow simulation results.
The findings obtained are used to optimize the safety of both our products and our customers' facilities.

We see ourselves as problem solvers for challenges not yet covered by state-of-the-art solutions. A double-digit number of German and international patents attests to the innovative power of our company.

We offer you advice and approved products tailored to your requirements and one hundred per cent "made in Germany".


Tel.: +49 (0)9244 - 982 677 0


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