Consulting, expert opinions and assessments and Training



We would like to assist you in finding the most effective and inexpensive explosion protection solution for your business—no matter if it's about protecting a single silo or an entire manufacturing facility.


Our extensive experience in supporting and completing a wide variety of projects enables us to accurately identify potential hazards in your facility.


Drawing on our in-depth knowledge of applicable legal requirements and currently available protective systems, we provide competent advice about designing your project and selecting the appropriate equipment.




Our offer includes:


The development/optimization of your explosion protection concept by


  • evaluating the current situation and identifying all relevant parameters
  • explaining technical interrelationships and appropriate action to minimize risks and reduce costs
  • pointing up the pros and cons of different protective system
    including the one-time and long-term costs associated with each of them
  • working out possible solutions
  • assisting in preparing compliant documentation
  • establishing contact with certification bodies




FEM analyses


This computer simulation technique can help you identify and better exploit the potentials of your products.


It is particularly useful for examining the strength of devices and components, which is key to the safe operation of a plant with regard to explosion hazards. In addition, material strength greatly influences other explosion parameters. Visualizing the weak points in a component may, for instance, enable you to take precisely focussed measures to improve its design. Several projects have shown that increasing the pred of defined elements can be an effective way to significantly reduce costs without compromising safety.




The importance of operating costs


  • This aspect is often neglected when planning protective measures.
  • Wear parts that must be frequently replaced, like rupture discs, or downtime due to failures and maintenance work can cause significant recurring costs.
  • That is why we recommend to use only protective elements which feature
    - easy installation
    - reusability
    - low maintenance and inspection costs
    - long-term reliability
    - user-friendly operability







Expert opinions and assessments


We examine and evaluate technical explosion protection solutions or prepare expert opinions and similar documentation.








What's in the ATEX Directives and how does it affect my business?


We have been dealing with implementing and interpreting the ATEX Directives and related standards for many years. We will be happy to share our profound knowledge about fundamental principles and practical impacts on everyday operations with you and your employees and offer:


  • project-related workshops on correctly applying Directives and standards
    - Directive 2014/34/EU (formerly 94/9/EC; Equipment Directive)
    - Directive 1999/92/EC (Workplace Directive)
    - related fire protection requirements
  • training for employees with explosion protection responsibility on topics like zoning and marking requirements








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